Start a Part Time Business Without Really Starting a Business – Direct Selling

So what if you want to start a part-time business but you don’t really want to do the work of actually starting a business.  Maybe you want a business, but you are not sure you have what it takes.  You think that you would enjoy selling something that you believed in, but what if you did not?

Consider joining the 15.6 million Americans who have turned to direct selling for part-time income or even as a full-time career.   Why is direct selling so popular?  Besides providing you with a product and training,  surveys indicate that most consultants choose direct selling because it’s uniquely flexible. You can:

  • be your own boss
  • set your own hours
  • work around other priorities such as providing care for children or aging family members
  • begin with a very limited investment and it is one of the few work ventures where women earn dollar for dollar what men earn
  • drop out easily, if you discover that it is not for you.

Since direct selling is easy to enter and leave, it is an excellent choice for the halfpreneur that is exploring their options or the reluctant halfpreneurs – those who feel a need to start a business not because they really want to be in business but they need extra cash and/or there is some obstacle to finding another job.  For instance, you only want to be in business:

  • to bring in some extra money to afford a vacation or to pay down some debt
  • because it is a flexible way of providing income while you care for family members
  • while you are unemployed, so there will be no gaps on your resume
  • for something fun to do while you ease into retirement
  • to meet new and interesting people

If you’re interested in finding a direct selling organization to be a part of, the best places to start are the Direct Selling Association’s website and  provides information on the companies that sell specific products and services.  Direct selling is no longer just cosmetics and vitamins.   There are real estate services, educational services, home appliances, telecommunication,  craft supplies, and wine – to name a few.  But it is important to like the products you’re selling, and find a company that can give you a solid support system for a fast, smooth start.

For more information you can take a look at:

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and everyone.411 direct selling

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