76447_486337208608_6127401_aMary Ann has made a life out of part-time “businesses,” as a Career Coach, Profiting from Your Passions Coach (TM), Resume Writer, and Adjunct Psychology instructor.  Besides teaching psychology, what does she like to do best?  Brainstorm career ideas and help her students and clients make career decisions.  In this changing world she stresses that your career is your responsibility and you need to always be aware of the changes occurring in your field and appropriately adapt.  Developing your skills and knowledge and staying in touch with your interests and passions  can be the pathway to additional income on a part-time or “halfpreneurial” basis, especially in an economic climate in which paychecks are stagnant.

Goal setting is an important aspect of coaching and it is apparent that Mary Ann needs to follow her own advice,  She should set the goal of contacting one of her halfpreneur photography friends and update her picture.

Mary Ann Nalbandian can be contacted at Career Development Services, 508-752-2600 or through her email:  thehalfpreneur@gmail.com


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