Google + and Your Marketing Strategy

From one of my recent posts you might think that I consider social media a time waster but for business owners.  It certainly may be if you do not stay focused and blur the lines between work and play.  But it is becoming increasingly important to become involved in social media if you are a small business owner.  Since social media can take up a considerable amount of time and resources, you need to plan accordingly.  One aspect of planning is to look into the demographics of each social network since there are many social networks and some may better fit your niche than others.

Facebook is probably the best known, and it is the largest social network globally but to my surprise I discovered that based on overall users Google + is the largest US social medic network.  So I will start  a series of posts on the demographics of various social media starting with Google +.

  • Google + has 5 billion Active users (globally) and while not all are active on the network, their presence on the network personalizes their search experience.
  • 26.1% of women and 24.5% of men have a Google+ account.
  • By age globally (from the Dec 10, 2013 Global Web Index Study): 16-24 (20.7%), 25-34 (24.9%), 35-44 (24.9%), 45-54 (17.8%), 55-64 (11.7%)
  • 5 billion photos uploaded each week
  • Most importantly for business owners, Google Plus generates much more brand engagement than you might think. Recently Forrester studied more than 3 million user interactions with more than 2,500 brand posts on seven social networks. Brands Google Plus posts generated nearly as much engagement per follower as their Facebook posts — and almost twice as much engagement per follower as their Twitter posts.

If you want to learn more or put your business on Google Plus, here are two videos to get you started.

Easy to Follow Google + for Business Guide


How To Set up Your Google + Business Page


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