Why Should You Advertise on YouTube?

If you are running an online business or a business that has an online presence, YouTube is one place where you should be advertising.

Your YouTube video should provide high content information but be non promotional.  The link to your website or squeeze page should be at the end of the video.  If your goal is to increase your list, you should put in a link to your squeeze page and then to your free product or the item that they will be purchasing.   You can occasionally post your advertising videos to YouTube or you can create a channel to show all your videos you have created about your niche.  

So a resume writer or career coach might create a channel that offers videos on:  how to write a resume, turn a cover letter into a sales letter, conduct an informational interviews, research companies online, and effectively interview for new positions.

Untraditional resume

Not your traditional resume – candy-bar-resume

There are several types of videos that you can be produced.

  • How To videos are popular and if you do not want to be seen, your voice can voice over the procedure that you videotape.
  • You can do a PowerPoint with voice over or present FAQs (frequently asked questions)  An FAQ video might include screen shots, PowerPoints, images, or you speaking.
  • You will have to get in front of the camera if you want to give a demonstration. 
  • Finally there is the Music and Picture video – a series of pictures concerning your niche with accompanying music.
Cupcake Quilt

Cupcake Quilt

So if you sell quilts and quilting supplies, you may create a How To video on making a quilted Christmas stocking, a PowerPoint on what to look for in fabrics, an FAQ on the best supplies to purchase, a demonstration of how you assemble a quilted jacket and a Music and Picture video of all the quilt designs that you currently sell.

Producing a quality video (which you do not need to star in) brands you and gives you professional authority.  Potential customers will either hear you or see and hear you.  This builds rapport you’re your potential customers.

There are other good reasons for advertising on YouTube.

  • It is the 3rd most visited website in the world with about 2 billion video views per day.
  • It is much easier to rank a high on YouTube with a video than on Google with a website.
  • YouTube is a community – it has subscribers, friends, likes, comments, share, and views.
  • And maybe the best reason – it is free, passive traffic.
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