The Benefits of Self-Employment

In addition to the extra money, there are other potential benefits to part-time and full-time self-employment.

  •  Meet interesting people.  Usually your business takes you out into the world or brings interesting people into your office that you never would have met any other way.
  •  Life-long learning.  Learning is valued when you work for yourself.  You get to decide what formal and informal learning is necessary for your success.
  •  Ongoing personal growth.  Your business will encourage you to keep growing and discovering new talents and wisdom.
  •  Talent management.   Self-discovery leads to finding your greatest assets and making the most of them.
  •  Keep your imagination.   You can continue to use your imagination and be rewarded for it.  Your creativity will not just be useful it may be absolutely essential.
  •  Better mental health.  The research clearly shows that problem solving is better for you than complaining about things.
  •  Longevity.  Ongoing research is showing that self discovery, using our skills and talents, solving problems, and staying active especially if combined with less stress and less fast food often leads to a longer, healthier, life.
  •  Learn personal responsibility.  If your parents or teachers did not teach you this essential lesson, a business will.
  •  Be a positive role model.  If you follow your dreams, you set an example to your children and others.  They make take inspiration from you without ever realizing it.
  •  Live your passion and purpose.  People want to be appreciated, useful, and know that their lives have meaning.  Discovering your passion is often a prelude to finding your purpose.   A life inspired by purpose means you have discovered what truly matters to you, makes you authentically happy, and allows you to serve others in great and small ways.
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