How to Share Your Love of Cooking Part-time and Profitably

So you love to cook.  Can you turn it into a lucrative part time business?

Catering for small events would be one idea, but it probably would be a great deal of work:  food purchase and preparation, cooking, delivery, clean-up.

But you can share your love of cooking and not have to do very much cooking.

Teach a Cooking Class

Teach a Cooking Class

If you have a large kitchen or have use of a large kitchen you can offer cooking classes.  If you plan ahead you can teach your cooking class in a night program for adults, here we call them “Night Life”  and a variety of cooking classes are held at the vocational high school.  Depending on the class, the  cost of the class might range from $15.00 – $50.00.

If you have expertise in some area of cooking:  nutrition, weight loss, cooking for diabetics, great meals for folks on low sodium diets, gluten-free deserts …. You get the idea.  You could teach classes or you could offer coaching or a tele-seminar series.

Even if you have no specialty, just some really good recipes, you can become an author.  Books can now be easily self-published.  Sell your book at your classes.  Teach a class based on your book.  Offer a discount on the book to those who sign up for your next series of classes.

Publishing a Kindle book will also establish you as an author.  Offering a free cookbook with 10 or 20 recipes can be a way to build a list for your future coaching or tele-seminar business.  Or your business can just be selling Kindle cookbooks.   When I last checked Amazon, most Kindle cookbooks were selling for $2.99.  What kind of Kindle cookbooks were being sold?

Prepare your Paleo food in a slow cooker

Prepare your Paleo food in a slow cooker


Paleo Food cooked in Slow Cookers   

Slowly cook the food your ancient ancestors loved while you put in your eight hours in some 21st century techno cave




Salad in a Mason Jar

Salad in a Mason Jar


Salads in Mason Jars 

Veggie salad, bean salads, fruit salads salads……





Dump Cake

Dump Cake


Dump Cakes

They seem to begin with cake mixes and then other “stuff” gets dumped in.




Dump Dinner

Dump Dinner

If these are not among your specialties with a little research, you could probably become an authority.  Or become one of the first authors providing recipes for dump dinners.  I think they used to be called soups and stews!


You can publish both Kindle and print editions and you can increase the sales on your books by starting your own affiliate program so other people can earn money for promoting your book on their blogs and websites or recommending it to their social media fans or email subscribers.  With an affiliate program you do not have to pay out until after the sale is made.  Two companies that can help you set up an affiliate program are and   Whichever you choose, you affiliate software will automatically calculate the commissions you owe each affiliate.

Authors have credibility.  And even though publishing a cookbook requires limited writing ability, you are an author!   If you are comfortable with public speaking, you may want to seek out opportunities to be a guest speaker.  Consider groups who have monthly meetings and Meetup groups.  After you give a talk or give a recipe demonstration, attendees will want to buy your book.  Some Meetup groups charge admission and give their speaker half of the admission fees.

If your name is known through your public speaking or through your sales and affiliate sales, it will be easier to offer more expensive cookbooks or programs like tele-seminars or coaching.       Share your passion for cooking profitably.

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