Three Reasons Why a Halfpreneur Should Write a Book and How to Get Started Now

You have looked at the books on Kindle or on the shelves of a book store and think  ” I should be able to write a book about that.”  Well you probably can and should.  If you are a halfpreneur there are three good reasons to consider writing that book.

1)   A book can generate income for you.  New clients will come from those who read your book and decide that they want to work with you.  Your e-book can contain an offer for free additional information;  at the cost, of course, of their having to give you a valid email address.  Your book becomes a way of list building.  Ever wonder why there are so many low priced and even free e-books out there?  The book is not what will make money; it is the list or the potential source of clients/customers that is of value.

2)  A book can launch your business or a new business. Once you publish your book, digitally or traditionally, your readership  may want more information from you, or the opportunity  to talk to you.  A book is a powerful statement of your authority in your niche.

3)  A book is a source of passive income. If you are working hard in your full-time job and as a halfpreneur, but income is not as regular or as consistent as you would like,  a book is means of passive income.

I do not usually promote people and online events on this blog but Christine Kloser’s Transformational author course just began again today.  I took the freebie version last year and am taking the freebie version this year again.  Last year, I produced lots of notes for my book but the book never got written.  So I am going to listen to all her speakers for this year and see if I can get a book written.  Passive income, new clients, and a targeted e-mail list would all help my business.

May 19 is the first of day of her 11 day program and the two May 19 classes will be available to listen to until  4:30 May 20 if you are doing the free version of the course.    If you are thinking of writing a book and want to look into starting it immediately, check out

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