Is Your Niche New Age?

Just spent some time scanning the ads in a free monthly “New  Age” magazine.   Besides the usual ads for massage, Reiki, and Yoga classes , creative entrepreneurs have created a variety of trainings and certifications.  Is your next career Ayurveda,  Bodywork,  Holotrophic Breathwork, Therapeutic Sound Healing or Vibrational Light Healing?  There are Herbal apprenticeships and certifications to do Angel Readings and Angel Therapy or become an Akashic Record Practitioner.

new ageLooking for more creative, spiritual ideas. There are practitioners offering Hope and Healing Counseling,  Aroma Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Thermography, Equine Massage, Spiritual Guidance,  Psychic Intuitive Life Coaching, Past Life Regression,  Angel Readings, Angel Therapy, Hypnotherapy,  Soul Clearing, Chakra Clearing, Tarot Card reading,  Soul Retrieval,  Acupuncture, EFT, Pranic Healing,  Shamanic Energy Healing, Plant Spirit Medicine, Astrological readings, Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Pet Reiki, Animal Communicator, Relocation Astrology, Dowsing , Aura Photography, Ghost Removal, Financial Consulting, Money Coaching, and Psychic mediumship.   Some of these practices do require specific training but others have “no entrance requirements;” only the confidence that you can do the work.

This New Age niche not only pays for services but apparently buys  Nature and Fantasy paintings, Herbs, Medicinal mushrooms,  gem stones, jewelry, incense, soy candles, and Rejuvenizers (I don’t know what they are made of but they protect you from EMFs, the damaging frequencies from your computer, cell phone, TV, and wireless internet, as well as from other people’s negative energy!)

For the holistic or “spiritual” halfpreneur there are many paths to part-time or full-time income.

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