How to Sell your Digital Photography at Stock Photo Sites

Hobbies can often be turned into business ideas that can make you money. As a digital photographer you can make money from your photos.

Stock photography is one of the best ways to break into the online digital photography market. You can sell your photos to supplement your income and help businesses get the right images for their websites, newsletters, magazines, e-zines and other media. If you surf the Web, your may fine that many of the photos look the same. Your photos, if they are of sufficient quality, can add a new flavor to what is currently being offered.

Many photographers are daunted by the stock selling process but in reality it is very simple.   Here are some ways to get started.

  1. Understand how the stock photography business works. On these sites, customers can purchase pictures or lease them for a certain amount of time. On some sites, photos are free to use when signing an agreement of use and including a link back to the site.    As a photographer, you will make more money if your photos are leased as opposed to being sold. The one time sale may net you some cash but the lease will provide a continuous source of income off of that one photograph. And, many people can pay to lease the photograph at one time. Through the leasing process, your work will be viewed by a large audience.   Start by researching current stock photography sites. Find one that offers the leasing option to customers and also has an easy-to-navigate site.  This is the site that you may want to begin with to test the waters with your work.
  2. Continue researching stock photography sites, but now take a careful look at the photographs.  What do they have in common? What types of photographs are selling/leasing well?   Can you produce photographs that are similar yet also unique? Depending on your photographs consider submitting them to a specialized market.
  3.  Produce some high quality work to submit. Businesses using these sites are looking for professional quality at a price they can afford.  You may have to submit to several stock photography companies.
  4. Do more research.  Make sure you understand how each stock photography company works so you know what kinds of images to submit, what licenses to grant your work, and make certain that this is not a company that exploits its contributors.
  5. Create a website or blog with links to the stock photography sites featuring your work. This will send more people to view your photographs and may lead to other opportunities in the future.
  6. Get a free report on digital photography.
  7. Stock Photo sites to take a look at:
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