Retire or Re-tire

For the past several years, I have thought that it was the baby-boomers, now that they are approaching retirement age, who had a problem with the word and concept, “retirement.”  Recently while cleaning out bookshelves, I found a vintage book, Paths to Power,  from the early days of women’s studies programs.  First published in 1980, Natasha Josefowitz ended her book with a chapter titled “Re-tire to Re-start.” She briefly began with the necessity to plan your retirement, if that is what you wanted to do and her planning advice concerned not only finances, but exercise, nutrition, using your talents, and keeping your mind active.  As for retirement she admitted it could be wonderful if you were using this time period to START something, rather than STOP.  The remainder of the chapter focused on your other option – Re-tire!

Re-tire – put some new tires on the old car to make it run like new.  Then roll along or bump along depending on what new roads you decide to travel.  With your experience, she suggested that it may be time to consult, teach, or counsel (the coaching field had not been invented yet) or write.  But if the re-tired vehicle was looking for a more exciting trek, entrepreneurship was among her suggestions.

Seems at least some of us read about reinventing retirement thirty years ago and promptly forgot about it.  But the seeds were sown.  Maybe this is why Profiting from Passions Coaching (R) is one of my encore careers.

Originally published in my blog: Reinvent Retirement Jan. 2011


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