Ten “If You Dare” Part-time Businesses

Since it is almost Halloween, today’s weird Wednesday post is adapted from the book 1001 Ways to Make Money If You Dare.  All these businesses have risk factors and they all can potentially provide some income. On a personal note, I would not be willing to do any of them!

FYI: Question marks (?) indicate the risk factor and dollar signs ($) indicate potential monetary reward.

Clean Out Attics, Cellars, and Barns
OK, you will have to deal with cobwebs, dust, and debris, but folks are willing to pay so they don’t have to do it themselves and haul the trash away. It is also quite possible that you might find things of value in their junk.   ?? $$

Be a Gardener – Plant Flowers and Tend Gardens
Flowers can brighten anyone’s day, but planting seeds or transplanting seedlings can do in a lady’s nails. Get the word out in your town that you will plant the flower gardens and tend them all summer. ….
Get more customers who have vegetable gardens. These folks start out with high green ideals as they plant the seeds or transplant the tomatoes, squash, and eggplants. Only problem is their green zeal quickly disappears as the weeds appear. Go doubly green and save their gardens for a price.        ?  $$

Breed Feeder Animals                                                                                                                      Where do pet stores get those little mice that get fed to pet snakes? These mice are spawned for one purpose. Talk to local pet stores and see if you can under-price its feeder animal supplier.         ?? $$

Farm Emus
If you have some space, you can raise emus. The market for these big birds in the U.S. is growing, The birds are adaptable and do not take up as much space as livestock. Their meat is low in fat, but the entire animal is valuable. Not only the meat, but the claws, skin, oil, and feathers can be used and sold.        ??  $$$

Build Solar Panels and Windmills
Sunlight and wind are free. Construct and install solar panels or build windmills and help people bring their electric bill down to almost $0. To find out how visit http://www.earth4energy.com/video or http://www.makeyourownwindmill.net      ?? $$$

Sell Write-It-Yourself Term Papers
It’s not ethical to sell term papers to students but you can do the research and give them an annotated outline! You can do research on subjects you love then write the outlines for  papers on this topic. Provide the excerpted research and annotated outline to desperate students who can now legitimately write their term paper. Advertise on Craig’s List in college towns.             ? $$

Home School Other People’s Kids
Maybe you don’t want to home school your kids but if you have the teaching skills you can hire yourself out to teach on a one-on-one basis, so overprotective parents who have no idea how to teach can still home school their child.        ? $$$

Deliver Nondelivery Take Out
Some of the best restaurant food is take out only. Make money picking up the foods from restaurants and delivering it to apartments and dorms.         ? $$

Be a Belly Dancer
Secretly you watch Bollywood movies and imitate the dance moves. No one needs to know who you are. With a veil over your face you can get paid for your hip-shaking dance routines. Post your ads online and get paid for entertaining.      ? $$

Become a Boudoir Photographer
Scantily clad photos of oneself make the perfect Valentine Day present, but women need someone they feel comfortable with to get au natural in front of a camera. Help them relax. Use aromatherapy candles and serve some chamomile tea then start the photo shoot.         ??? $$$

Happy Halloween


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