How to Boost Your Income When Your Business Is Slow

Some businesses slow down on a seasonal basis, summer or post Christmas;  other businesses see income dwindle in response to economic factors.  So what can you do if a slowdown occurs.

Mind Map

Mind Map

 First, do some brainstorming and then pick an important project or goal that will help increase income.  Some ideas to jump start your thinking process are listed below.   Second, create a plan, you want to get all your ideas out of your head onto paper, and then organized before you begin.   Make it a visual, you want to be able to see your plan  Create a flow chart or do mind-mapping  to produce doable action steps.  Never tried to use mind mapping,  YouTube has some good instructional videos. 

Here are some ideas to jump start your brainstorming session:

  • Redo your website:  Home page, About page, Product or Services page.  Make sure your copy is compelling.  What will they gain from hiring your or buying your product?
  • Your Opt-In Gift.   Is it old and tired?  Should be something more interactive like a “quiz” or a choice of the best opt-in gift.  Maybe your Tip Sheet  or White paper should be turned into a video.
  • Create more visibility for your business.  At the very least be on YouTube.  If you want to be more professional, start an online radio show or an online TV show.
  • Not using Facebook Fanpage or Twitter – get started.
  • If you have content, turn it into products and generate a new income stream.
  • Turn your content into an online course or create a membership site.
  • Offer Teleseminars or Webinars to attract new clients.
  • Plan a workshop or group program.
  • Clarify your niche.  Are you reaching out to the right audience?  Is your language and imagery appropriate?  This is important if you are not a member of the demographic group you are trying to serve.
  • Get support.  A business or writing coach; someone to help you with technology, join a Meet-Up entrepreneurial group  …… 
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