Marketing to Your Niche (A Wednesday Spoof)

In my last blog Anthony Ceseri recommended that for effective marketing  you market to one person at a time.   Of course that one person will be a member of a much larger niche groupm so you create an avatar of your fan, or potential customer.

Your niche might be a group that shares an interest:  Music, Golf, Scrapbooking, Genealogy, Bridge, Cycling, Painting, Photography, Animals, Social Justice, Hunting, Wines, Anime ……  Or your niche might be based on demographics:  Teenagers, Young Adults, Baby Boomers, Retirees,  Couples, Single Mothers,  New Parents,  Parents Home-schooling their Children, Conservatives/Liberals, Disabled People,  Veterans ……  In other words, you need a group of people who want what you are offering.

The product or service that you provide should obviously provide value and building relationships is rapidly becoming an important aspect of successful marketing.  It’s about the customers you serve and not about you!  So enjoy this spoof on how to market to young, insecure, impressionable teenage girls.

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