Make the World a Better Place – Ideas for Part-time Entrepreneurs Who Want to Help Others

If you search the Internet looking for ways to make additional money, many sites will point you in the direction of Internet marketing.   It’s a great opportunity for some and totally unappealing for others.   I will not say that Internet marketing does not help people but what if your ideas of helping others fall more into the areas of listening to them, caring for them, etc.  What if one of your goals is to make the world a better place?  There are plenty of opportunities for part-time entrepreneurs of all ages in the helping fields. And there are lots of ways to make the world a better place.

Coaches, Wellness Experts, Nannies, and Others  ……

Coaching ……



Coaching.  Coaching is not counseling or therapy.  Coaching helps motivate people, set goals and make moves in their lives they may not have considered without support.  This is a career in which life experience and maturity are major assets.

Personal coaching

 Career coaching       

Health coaching       

 No state as of yet has certification requirements for coaches. has guide books on coaching and setting up a coaching practice.

Personal Organizer… Declutter Coach.  If you hate clutter and love order, you probably have discovered that some people are clueless when it comes to organizing their belongings and space.  Their lack of time or ability could be your next career opportunity.  There are organizations for organizers.  Visit their sites to discover what a Personal Organizer or Declutter coach does.

National Association of Professional Organizers

Professional Organizers Web Ring

Personal Concierge … Get paid for doing all the things a wife used to do and more.  Run errands to the bank, post office, pharmacy.  Wait around for repairmen. Chaffeur children and older relatives. Get tickets for events.  Plan dinners and parties……  Except for all the waiting, you can set your own hours.  Information atThe National Association of Professional Organizers

Guide book available at

 Health Related …..

Doula.  Doulas help women through labor, childbirth, and the postpartum period using nonmedical interventions including breathing techniques, massage, aromatherapy, and massive amounts of emotional support. Dona has certified more than 7000 birth and postpartum doulas.

Hypnotherapist.  Hypnotherapy is a growing area of the mental-health profession.  There are plenty of niches for hypnotherapists: weight loss, smoking cessation, pain management, hypnobirthing, stress relief.  For articles and information on training …     The National Guild of Hypnotherapists     American Association of Professional Hypnotists

Personal Trainer. Create a niche for yourself: mature bodies, special needs.  Let’s face it; most of us over age 50 don’t have the bodies you see in the fitness ads.  Get certified to build, shape, and sculpt. Two sources of training to consider….    Personal Trainer and Certification and Fitness Education       Ace Fitness

yoga instructor 1Yoga Teacher.  Yoga is mainstream and for everyone. Start your search with Yoga Journal Magazine or visit and click on the link for teacher training. One of the best and most respected schools in the country is at the KripaluCenter in Lenox, Massachusetts.   

 Reiki Practitioner.  Reiki is healing energy that facilitates balance, healing and personal insight. Many Reiki practitioners are inspired to share their Reiki energy and training by setting up a practice or a business. Reiki practitioners and teachers impart their love and supportive philosophy through classes and therapy sessions. Setting up a formal business or practice for Reiki is relatively easy to accomplish for an experienced Reiki Master or practitioner; it just involves paperwork and preparation to meet requirements of your state and locale, as well as your customers (clients and students).

 Massage Therapist.  A growing profession with much job satisfaction. In most states, you will need 500 hours of training to be licensed. Be sure any program that you select is accredited by the Commission on Massage Training.  Physical fitness is essential for this job. Practitioners are on their feet all day and some forms of massage require physical strength.

“Education” ……



Nanny.  Love children but no children or grandchildren of your own yet.  Look after other people’s children. There are many internet sites on the topic including the International Nanny Association an umbrella association for the in-home child care industry that provides information, education and guidance to the public and to industry professionals.  Nannies work part-time as well as full time.

English Teacher ESL or EFL.  English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL) are in demand in the U.S. and around the world.  You can teach English in your community, on-line or by Skype, or satisfy your wanderlust and take a position in a foreign country if you are looking for a seasonal half-time “career” or are one of the working “retired.”. Housing or a host family is usually provided.   /   /

Used Book Seller.  Sell used books on  If you know what books to sell and the best ways to find them you can develop a profitable business.  Some information is available from Thriving Business, but to get the whole story you will need to buy their 28 page special report for $7.00.

Tour Leader.  Provide informative and entertaining tours showcasing your areas local attractions. Ghost tours have been popular for years and food tours are beginning to gain popularity.  There are restaurant and pub tours, as well as tours  to farms that allow picking veggies and fruit.  This tour should end with a restaurant meal.  Organic!?  Garden tours are another option, and recently I met the founder of Boston Pilgrim – tours of some of the most historical religious sites in Boston, MA.    For more information on starting a business as a tour leader, there are courses and informational web sites.

Food and….

Chocolate Maker:  Does chocolate make the world a better place? The business of making chocolate candy can improve your bottom line.  If you would love to learn how to make chocolate cancy, EcoleChocolat (Chocolate School) offers professional Chocolatier training that consists of an intensive online three month program


Cake Decorating Classes

Cake Decorating Classes

Cake Decorating Instructor: Teach cake decorating as a free lance instructor.  Or learn to decorate cakes first and then become an instructor.  Bilingual English/Spanish instructors are in demand.

 Wine Expert:  Even wine experts have accreditations.  You can become an accredited wine expert through The International Sommelier Guild which offers a six month diploma program.  Their training is conducted in a variety of cities in the U.S. and Canada

Any helpful jobs that I may have missed you can probably buy the e-book at

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