The Name of Your Business Is Important!

The name of your business is important.  It can refer to your product or service, but more importantly it should be about an identification with your customers singularly or collectively (i.e. your target market).  Ideally your name will be easy to pronounce and have a rhythmic flow of sound.   If your name stirs emotions, it is even better.  Do you go to because you just know you’ll find a good deal?

If your business has a name and you are working as a “dba” (doing business as), your business needs to be registered with your city or county.  Registering your” dba”  means no one else in the city/county can use the same name.  Of course the name might not be available for your business website.  This may not be so bad because on the internet,  a business’ reason for being should be apparent in its name.   If you intend to do business nationally or internationally on the Internet, you may want to consider trade marking your name.

You can have some fun when trying to come up with your name.  Brainstorm, consider a number of names before deciding.

Single Word – Single word business names are easy to remember. (But don’t expect to find a single word domain available)  Two words combined also works well.  If your consignment shop only sells new, upscale clothing, call it, Upscale.  The weekend entrepreneur who tunes pianos can be Intune.

Foreign Words – You can choose a language associated with your business for your name especially if your product is ethnic.  Use and Italian or Greek word  if you are selling these ethnic foods.  In my city, there is a great Italian restaurant called Ciao Bella.  If you are importing items from Ecuador you may want a Spanish sounding name.

Play on Words –A business name that is a play on words can be very effective.  If your new business is installing home theaters, Sounds Good, Surround In Sound, Vision to Behold plays on sound and meaning, and conveys the idea of home theater.

Some people have come up with very unusual and inventive business names.  (not all of these businesses are still in business).  Since I promised to do different from usual blogs on Wednesdays, enjoy these business names from  and other sources.

Many Happy Returns. Tax Preparation, St. Petersburg, Florida
A Den of AntiquityAshville, North Carolina
Crapo Appliance Service, Redmond, Washington
Effin Computers.   On Site Computer Repair, Connecticut
It’s A Crewel WorldSalem, Massachusetts
Amigone Funeral Home.   multiple locations in NY
Cane and Able.   Mobility products   Langhorne PA
Sherrill’s Eat Here and Get Gas. Tipton IN
Leaven and Earth. Bakery, Berkeley, CA
Citizen Canine. Dog Kennel, Oakland, CA
Doggie Style.  Dog Grooming North Highlands, CA
Murphy’s Paw.  Doggie Gift Store, Pleasanton, CA
Fideaux. Outfitters for Dogs & Cats Napa Valley & Sonoma County
Hades Manufacturing Corporation.  Temperature Measuring Equipment, Farmingdale, NY
Hard Wok Cafe. Chinese Take Away,  Melbourne Australia
The Yuppy Puppy.  Dog Grooming Shop with Velvet Sofas, Melbourne Australia
Dirty Dogs Done Dirt Cheap. A Mobile Dog Grooming Service, Melbourne Australia

Choosing your online name (domain) can involve several different problems. Price and Inappropriateness.

 Price:  One word names are hard to find.  currently has for sale:  Burglr  ($1934),  Fexy  ( $12670), Cazy  ($5589)

Inappropriateness:  Often the owner never meant to be inappropriate but the letters get misread.    Are teachers talking or is it “how to”  for stalking a teacher?  How might the word “therapist” get misread in a url?     Have some grown-up entertainment and visit two collections of inappropriate domains.     and

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