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10 Steps for Turning Your Passions, Skills, or Interests into a Business

The books and the workshops are out there. Monetize your passion…. Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow ….  Start Your Business Now ….. Making a Living Without a Job….. So how do you actually do this? Step … Continue reading

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When I Finally Grow Up, I Will Be a Consultant!

If you are an over 50 “industry-expert” who is downsized or forced into “retirement” you may be able to turn your knowledge into dollars.  Consultants make money from selling what they know.   Oh yes, there are plenty of jokes about … Continue reading

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Passion, Purpose, and a Happy Life

Does your work – full-time or part-time need to help you fulfill your purpose in life.  If you can combine your skills, talents, and passion to fulfill needs, you probably have work that is ideal for you, but is this … Continue reading

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Designing Your Web Site

If you are in business, even in a small part-time business, you need a website. There are three pages that your website must have: The Home Page/Welcome Page, About Me/Contact Page, Products and Services Page. The Home Page – The … Continue reading

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Ideas for Creative, Inventive, or Mechanical Part-time Entrepreneurs

So you want to start a part-time business, but computers and being online or creating informational products is just not your thing.  You are creative or like working with mechanical objects. Yes, you should still know how to use a … Continue reading

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