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presidents dayHappy Presidents’ Day.  This is the week/week end when retailers are advertising big time!  So how can a small business get out their word.  If you need more content for websites, blogs, e-zines, opt-ins, PLR (private label rights) is one way to go.   But proceed carefully.  Some are well written and with a few tweaks, you can present it as your own.  Also, check and see how many copies of each set of writings they sell.  You want a provider of PLR that limits the sale of each package.

I have never done business with, but this PDF shareware is colorful and its 101 ideas may inspire your marketing plans and help you grow your business even if you never look at PLR as a source of content.   Ronnie Nijmeh, created this list of 101 Ways to Use PLR – and you can download the report for free at:

There are no hoops to jump through. It’s just a nice checklist of ideas for promoting your business or putting PLR to work for you.

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