“No Time to Write Content? Use PLR!”

by Marcia Bench

I was introduced to an amazing resource a while back…and as I listen to clients struggle to get their content written and up online, I just HAD to share it!

It’s called “PLR” or Private Label Rights, and it is simply content written by another author which you are given rights to edit, apply your name to, sell, and create derivative products from. Example: let’s say you are a career coach and want a product to sell or a program to deliver. You can find PLR on something like “How to Ace the Interview,” buy the content for $27 or $37, and then create:

  • your own ebook
  • an online sales letter to sell the ebook (content provided in the PLR)
  • an audio program based on that content
  • a video program based on the content
  • a full training program with study guide and leaders guide – sometimes included with the low cost package you buy
  • your sales page and email invites for the training program
  • graphics to promote the program and use on your web pages
  • Power Point slides

AmazIng huh? You could make thousands of dollars on one copy/paste templated package for less than $50 – and save tons of time too!

It is recommended that you modify it somewhat so that it becomes uniquely yours versus others’ derivative programs from the same product. But it’s the easiest way I know to create content and start monetizing around your area of expertise this week!

Here are some of my favorite PLR resources:

Have fun with this – and let me know how you use it to create your own programs and products!


Marcia Bench publishes the widely circulated ‘Inspire!’ ezine biweekly to over 6,000 subscribers. If you’re a spiritually-oriented professional or entrepreneur that wants to reach more people with your passionate message, tapping into your soul’s agenda and using such strategies as leveraged offerings and online marketing – or numerology- join Marcia at www.yourdivinegifts.com.


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