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Over 50 and Out-of-Work – Review and Comments

Like most Boomers, I am very aware that long term unemployment (unemployment lasting more than six months) during and since the end of the Great Recession is a major problem for those 50 and over.  Then last week I discovered … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Stay Energetic and Overcome Stress

If you are starting or running a business, you will encounter stress and problems maintaining your energy.  To successfully run your home-based or small business, it is important to make sure you stay relaxed, energetic, and passionate about what you … Continue reading

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The Perfect Home Business for Mothers and Others

Wednesdays are R days for this blog: Resources, Reports, Referrals, Reviews,  …..   Why ?  Because my internet savvy daughter informed me that I should blog at least three times a week.  She blogs five to seven days per week (  … Continue reading

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Encore Entrepreneur vs. Encore Entrepreneur

Approximately 25 million Americans between the ages of 44 and 70 are interested in starting new businesses or nonprofits in the next five to ten years.  According to the U.S. Small Business Association, 15 percent of workers between the ages … Continue reading

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A Jobless, Phony Recovery – Don’t Wait It Out, Start Your Own Business

On Monday July 15, there was an exceptional article on the opinion page of The Wall Street Journal about the so-called improvements in the American economy.  I have included the link at the end of this post, but I first … Continue reading

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Wednesday ”WResources” – Part-Time Business Ideas from “Educational Sites”

Career experts say it’s much healthier to be continuously thinking about your opportunities rather than waiting for something bad or good to happen.  So even though you are happily employed, you’ve begun to start thinking about self-employment or a “working … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs and Education

Is it necessary to have a degree to start a business?  No.   And contrary to popular opinion, a fulfilling career is also quite possible without a degree.   The issue is that we have become a credentialed society and many people … Continue reading

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